EV-55 Outback

Avionics and Electrical System


Model of harnesses behind the instrument panel


Model of harnesses in the cockpit

Avionics behind the instrument panel

Model of instrument layout


Detail of harnesses including connectors

Thanks to experience and abilities of our peoples we are able - as few in the Czech Republic - to offer to our customers complete and qualified design of aircraft electrical system including design and installation of avionics.

This sophisticated activity cannot do without corresponding software equipment. That´s why we intensively use 3D environment of Pro/Engineer program with extensions for pro/Cabling, pro/Diagram and pro/Harness which enable us to react in a fast and flexible way to customer´s requirements.

We carry out especially the following activities:

Design of power source system of the airplane

Design of avionics according to customer's requirements, including wiring diagrams and installation documentation

Design of electrical harnesses including drawing documentation

Processing documents for certification tests of avionics

Consulting in the area of electromagnetic compatibility and protection against secondary effects of lightning stroke