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Aircraft Testing

Approval certificate

Approval certificate L-3-060/1 conferrable by the CAA of the Czech Republic


Aircraft test department of Evektor company is fully authorized for development and certification tests of aircraft and aircraft system.

We are a holder of authorization (No. L-3-060/1) for confirmatory and verification tests of aircraft of the following categories and their aircraft systems-aircraft assemblies: normal, training, for charter operation.

Our employees have more than 20 year long experience with testing gliders, light and other aircraft (having weight from 450 kg up to 15 000 kg).

Survey of regulations according to which we perform flight tests:

P-ULL-1, UL-2, LTF-UL, I'U.L.M, AIR M5-10

AIRW-12, BCAR-S, BCL-M 5.4 for light aircraft 450 - 480 kg

JAR-VLA for EV97 - VLA (575 kg)

JAR 22, L-8/C for glider L 23 (510 kg), L 33 (340 kg)

NLGS commuter (5 700 kg)

FAR 23 for commuter (6 600 kg)

FAR 25 for commuter (15 100 kg)

We offer the following activities:

Performance of development and certification flight and ground tests

Individual tests according to customer's requirements

Elaboration of programs and methodology of tests

Installation of a suitable measuring apparatus

Data collection and their evaluation

Recalculation of performances to the required conditions

Elaboration of reports from the tests including their appropriate language versions

Data preparation for flight manuals (recommended speeds, landing lengths, flight ranges, claiming rate, etc.)

Consultancy services in the area of testing and aircraft certification