June 22, 2009

SportStar aircraft in operation can increase MTOW to LSA limit now!
Evektor-Aerotechnik released an informative bulletin regarding possibility of MTOW increase to the LSA limit 1,320 lb (600 kg) by the SportStar aircraft currently in operation. Maggiori informazioni.

May 2009

SportStar SL presented at Aero-TV Network

April 2009

The new EuroStar SLW with 600 kg MTOW, wing tanks & range 1300 km
At Aero Friderichshafen the Evektor introduced the latest evolution of its world wide popular EuroStar line that counts already over 900 airplanes operated in 40 countries worldwide. The new EuroStar SLW reflects expected changes in the European UL regulations. The aircraft airframe comes from EASA JAR-VLA certified pilot training airplane the Harmony and is designed for 600 kg MTOW; empty weight is kept at 296 kg in standard equipment configuration. Compared to EuroStar SL model, the EuroStar SLW has integral wing fuel tanks with double capacity, providing an amazing range up to 1300 km and increased baggage compartment. The aircraft comes also with the new comfortable seats. More information.

EuroStar great success at Aero 2009
Presentation of the EuroStar SL and EuroStar SLW at the biggest GA airshow in Europe - Aero 2009 in Friedrichshafen was a great success. After opening of the airshow the new EuroStar SLW received the German Type Certicate from hands of Chief of the German Aeroclub (DAeC). This important event was attended by aviation journalist from different countries and attracted also many customers interested in the new EuroStar SLW with 600 kg MTOW, wing tanks and range 1300 km.

February 2009

EuroStar SL - The best selling low wing aircraft in Germany
According to official statistics of the German AeroClub (DAeC) the EuroStar SL was the best selling low wing UL aircraft in Germany in 2008. The aircraft is widely used by the German flight schools and aeroclubs for basic pilot training and glider towing as well as by private individuals for business travel and leisure flying.

January 2009

The new SportStar MAX with 1320 lb / 600 kg MTOW and IFR capability
At the Sebring Expo in USA the Evektor has introduced the latest version of the worldwide popular SportStar line – the SportStar MAX. The new SportStar MAX with re-designed airframe at 1320 lb / 600 kg MTOW has one of the highest useful load among light sport airplanes on the market. Up to 640 lb / 290 kg of useful load combined with range 700 nm / 1300 km, modern Cabina spaziosa providing amazing 46.5 inches / 1.18 meters of shoulder room, and IFR capability make the SportStar MAX number one choice for business travel and touring pleasure.